Person of Interest – Wolf and Cub

by Alan Rapp on February 11, 2012

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  • Title: Person of Interest – Wolf and Cub
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As Finch (Michael Emerson) worries about rebuilding his system after last week’s attack by Root (Rachel Miner) and the fact that the son (Michael Stahl-David) of his former partner (Brett Cullen) is getting too close to uncovering the existence of the Machine, Reese (Jim Caviezel) enlists the help of Carter (Taraji P. Henson) to protect a teenager (Astro) still reeling from the recent murder of his older brother.

Reese is able to find Darren (Astro) but is troubled to discover the kid in only interested in getting vengeance on those responsible for killing his brother (Ro Broddie, Jon Michael Hill, Sheldon Best). Unable to get the kid to stay put Reese has no choice but to take him with him as he starts to unravel the organization that the three street thugs are a part of. Reese’s investigation uncovers the man (Malik Yoba) in control of the gang, but he’ll have to work quickly before Darren takes justice into his own hands.

After taking a week off Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) returns with more information about Finch’s past. Unfortunately for Reese, all that Fusco’s investigating turns up is a collection of lies, half-truths, and false identities.

The storyline of Reese and the kid works better than I would have expected. However, the real interesting takeaway from this week is Will uncovers someone new (Elizabeth Marvel) with information about the Machine, even if she leads him to believe otherwise. Although his investigation into his father’s past may be closed it has opened up several avenues for Reese to discover more about his tight-lipped partner.

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