Preacher – El Valero

by Alan Rapp on July 19, 2016

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  • Title: Preacher – El Valero
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Preacher - El Valero

Unable to pull Euguene (Ian Colletti) back from Hell, except in a ghostly visage that only he can see and hear, and growing tired of the battle to fight off Odin Quincannon (Jackie Earle Haley) and his men from taking the church, Jesse allows DeBlanc (Tom Brooke) and Fiore (Anatol Yusef) to remove Genesis from him. However, that doesn’t last long as Genesis returns to its new host almost immediately, this time apparently for good.

There’s some fun to be had during the stand-off between Quincannon’s men and Jesse (who doesn’t need to use his gift to fight back the mob when his rifle and marksmanship does just fine), but events continue to feel dragged-out – particularly now as the season is almost at its end. The B-story slow plays things as well as the thread of Tulip (Ruth Negga) takes a dark turn at the end of the episode. With only two episodes remaining Jesse still has yet to truly let loose the power of Genesis, although “El Valero” does point out a couple of key points in the limitations to Jesse’s powers such as why Odin is able to resist him and in how Donnie (Derek Wilson) is able to ignore him.

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