Scorpion – Bat Poop Crazy

by Alan Rapp on November 2, 2016

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  • Title: Scorpion – Bat Poop Crazy
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Scorpion - Bat Poop Crazy

Although the stakes turn out to be no less world shattering than usual (fate of the whole world, yada, yada, yada), the latest episode of Scorpion is a bit of change of pace. Rather than taking on gun-totting killers this week the team descends into a cave to do some spelunking in hopes of saving the local bat population from a disease which could wipe it out. As usual, things go wrong and the team has to think quick on its feet to save the local scientists helping them and make it out of the cave alive. Due to Happy‘s (Jadyn Wong) pregnancy she stays home with Ralph (Riley B. Smith) while Sylvester (Ari Stidham) is dragged into the darkness against his many objections allowing both characters to be uncomfortable in their roles (although Ralph’s sudden shift from the normal mild-mannered young genius to sugar-high crazy person certainly doesn’t make Happy’s job any easier).

The Halloween episode also continues the team’s attempt to make Walter (Elyes Gabel) and Happy’s marriage of convenience look like anything but. With the help of pasted together photo album and a Halloween party the plan seems to be working, at least until something so obvious none of the geniuses noticed it trips them up. Given Walter and his team’s unique service to the Untied States I’m still a bit confused why the government wouldn’t just step in and rubber-stamp his paperwork as these shenanigans are better suited to a sitcom.

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