Spenser: For Hire – Internal Affairs

by Alan Rapp on April 25, 2019

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  • Title: Spenser: For Hire – Internal Affairs
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Spenser: For Hire - Internal Affairs TV review

For Throwback Thursday we turn we turn our attention back to the mean streets of Boston. Things get complicated when the Boston Police Department goes after Martin Quirk (Richard Jaeckel) who some believe tipped off criminals to a recent failed bust. The fact that Quirk won’t defend himself only makes him look more guilty leaving Belson (Ron McLarty) to defend his partner in the department and Spenser (Robert Urich) to do some sleuthing. As Spenser suspects, he finds no dirt on Quirk (the straightest arrow our private eye has ever come across), but he does discover a sleazeball land developer (James Douglas) and his criminal son (Bruce MacVittie) are putting the squeeze to Quirk after uncovering the fact that Mrs. Quirk (Shirley Knight) has been stepping out on her husband.

The stakes are personal with Quirk under investigation and Belson shot by the younger Horgan while fleeing a bust. Hawk (Avery Brooks) provides some reliable back-up but, other than offering some comfort to Mrs. Quirk, Susan (Barbara Stock) isn’t given much to do here. The episode is notable for Belson’s shooting, an appearance by Richard Jenkins as a bartender Spenser beats up for information, the tragic end of the Horgans, Hawk’s running commentary on Spenser’s choice of transportation, and for several minutes focused on the Quirks working talking through the problems in their marriage. There’s also the opening sequence involving Spenser’s latest job which ends in him stealing a taxi cab and owing more money than the security job paid out. Ah, the glamorous life of a P.I.

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