Street Hawk – The Adjuster

by Alan Rapp on October 27, 2020

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  • Title: Street Hawk – The Adjuster
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Street Hawk - The Adjuster television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back in time to when a motorcycle cop turned vigilante helped keep the streets of Los Angeles safe on an experimental bike known as Street Hawk. A cop from New York (Marjoe Gortner) arrives in town to extradite an embezzler (Milt Oberman) who Street Hawk helped take down while attempting to buy stolen gems. Jesse (Rex Smith) immediately clashes with the other cop’s style, which gets increasingly violent once the embezzler manages to escape. Britt Helfer has a small role as a waitress who shows interest in Norman (Joe Regalbuto). Sadly, she wouldn’t return.

The plot of the episode is a little more complicated that it initially appears as Detective Cannon is revealed not to be a police officer at all but a fixer who killed the real Cannon and has stolen the cop’s identity. He will stop at nothing to retrieve the money the embezzler took from his employer and put a bullet in the thief. A couple of interactions with Street Hawk doesn’t improve the fixer’s mood, but eventually it’s his own greed that does him in when he refuses to leave a falling building in an attempt to retrieve the money. Street Hawk escaping from a building while it is being blown up by the city provides one of the show’s larger action sequences to this point in the series.

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