Superman: The Animated Series – The Main Man

by Alan Rapp on May 7, 2019

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  • Title: Superman: The Animated Series – The Main Man
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Superman: The Animated Series - The Main Man TV review

Today’s Throwback Tuesday takes us back to the animated streets of Metropolis and a hero who can leap buildings in a single bound. The two-part episode “The Main Man” introduces Lobo (Brad Garrett) to the DC Animated Universe. Hired by the Preserver (Sherman Howard) to deliver the last known Kryptonian for his collection, Lobo heads to Earth where he creates a large enough scene to draw the attention of Superman (Tim Daly). Brad Garrett is certainly having fun here providing the voice for the intergalactic bounty hunter originally created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen. “Part One” is the better of the two episodes, featuring Superman and Lobo going at in the streets of Metropolis and then later in space where Lobo gets the best of Superman and turns him over to the Preserver (only to find himself also caged as the last survivor of his own race).

“Part Two” allows for the unusual team-up of the pair to survive the various threats presented on the Preserver’s ship. While there is more than enough story here for a single episode, there’s not quite enough for two as the pair’s escape gets dragged out a bit too long (although Superman’s use of the Earth room to restore his powers is a nice touch). “Part Two” is somewhat troubling for Superman allowing Lobo to apparently kill their adversary (as the bounty hunter sucks the collector into deep space). The episodes are notable for DCU nods including the presence of Starro found among the lost alien creatures in the Preserver’s collection (most of which Superman relocates to the Fortress of Solitude) and the running gag of Superman and Lobo’s fight destroying Lex Luthor‘s (Clancy Brown) office.

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