The Lying Game – Advantage Sutton

by Alan Rapp on January 24, 2013

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  • Title: The Lying Game – Advantage Sutton
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The Lying Game - Advantage Sutton

The morning after Ethan (Blair Redford) has misgivings about his drunken night of passion with Sutton (Alexandra Chando). Things only get worse when he finds Dan (Tyler Christopher) waiting for him at home with news that he’s headed back to juvenile detention after the stunt he pulled with the plagiarized term paper unless he can pass a test on all the history course work for the semester. Not willing to let him give up, Emma (Chando) agrees to tutor Ethan and get him through the test which only further rankles her sister.

With both mother and daughter finding their relationships not going as planned Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) suggests Sutton taking her life back from Emma which would push her away from Ethan and would give Rebecca someone inside the Mercer household to keep Kristin (Helen Slater) and Ted (Andy Buckley) from getting back together. Sutton tricks Emma into a tennis match, winner gets Sutton’s cushy life and the loser goes back to the cabin, for good.

Dan’s conspiracy theory about Alec (Adrian Pasdar) framing himself for murder shakes Theresa’s (Yara Martinez) belief in her new client’s innocence. Thayer (Christian Alexander) discovers what he believes is his father’s recently discovered burner phone which would tie him to the murder. However, by presenting it to the police it actually clears him as the crime when it proves the call to Jessica Whitman (Nikki Donley), the waitress who planted the murder weapon in his golf bag, was made 140 miles away from the golf course at the time Thayer was playing a round of golf with his step-father.

Mads (Alice Greczyn) finds herself dragged into Laurel (Allie Gonino) and Jordan’s (Ryan Rottman) “not a date” before bowing out ungraciously. Laurel is still happy with how the evening ended, until she finds the pair giving into their feelings and making out on the porch. With Alec out of prison, Sutton back in control of her life, Thayer gone and Emma abandoned to the cabin, things are certainly setting up for a big shake-up going into next week.

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