The Lying Game – Cheat, Play, Love

by Alan Rapp on January 19, 2013

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  • Title: The Lying Game – Cheat, Play, Love
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The Lying Game - Cheat, Play, Love

The Lying Game is a weird mix of The Parent Trap and Melrose Place. The ABC Family drama stars Alexandra Chando in dual roles as identical twins, Emma and Sutton, switched at birth. The naive Emma was raised in foster care while the scheming Sutton was adopted by a wealthy couple (Andy BuckleyHelen Slater). Using Emma’s need for family for her own ends, Sutton gets her biological sister to temporarily stand-in for her as she searches for the real identity of their birth mother (who she already knows is Charisma Carpenter). Confused yet?

In the second episode of the show’s Second Season, Sutton ask Emma for her sister’s blessing in dating Ethan (Blair Redford) again while Emma (as Sutton) and Sutton’s step-sister Laurel (Allie Gonino) attempt to repair the rift between their parents caused by the recent revelation of Ted’s (Buckley) affair with Rebecca (Carpenter) years ago. Although Emma gives both Ethan and Sutton her blessing when she see’s the effect her devious twin is already starting to have on her former boyfriend she begins to have second thoughts.

Jordan (Ryan Rottman) makes his first appearance as school shocking Mads (Alice Greczyn) not only at seeing her drunken random hookup again but also to discover he is Rebecca’s step-son, and thanks to Rebecca’s recent marriage to Alec (Adrian Pasdar), her new step-brother. Complicating matters further is the obvious attraction between Jordan and Laurel whose band Jordan hires to play at his welcome to town party.

Imprisoned and awaiting trial, Alec tries to convince Theresa (Yara Martinez) that Rebecca framed him for Derek’s murder. After a little digging she discovers the evidence that might just prove reasonable doubt, much to Dan’s (Tyler Christopher) dismay who thinks it’s possible Alec is playing them all for fools. Against Thayer’s (Christian Alexander) advice, Mads visits her father in prison which renews her faith in her father but causes a split between the siblings. However, the truth about Thayer’s rocky relationship with Alec brings him closer to Emma.

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