The Mentalist – Always Bet on Red

by Alan Rapp on January 14, 2012

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  • Title: The Mentalist – Always Bet on Red
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While the team investigates the murder of a defense lawyer Jane (Simon Baker) must deal with the return of FBI Agent Darcy (Catherine Dent) who while looking into the death of James Panzer (David Paymer) has inadvertently caught the attention of Red John.

The team discovers the victim, a former client of Summer (Samaire Armstrong), had a large unpaid gambling debt owed to a unsavory sort of guy (Rudolf Martin) and a partner (Don Franklin) who would profit greatly by his death. However, the real killer’s (Heather Mazur) motives are far more personal.

Aside from the mystery of the week, “Always Bet on Red” shows us the lengths Jane will go keep the truth about Red John secret, while also doing what he can to give a sense of closure to a grieving widow (Ely Pouget), and protect Darcy from becoming Red John’s next victim.

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