The Pretender – A Virus Among Us

by Alan Rapp on May 30, 2014

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  • Title: The Pretender – A Virus Among Us
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The Pretender - A Virus Among Us

Searching for the truth about a missing scientist of the Regional Infectious Disease Authority, Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) assumes the role of a scientist specializing in viruses and deadly diseases. While discovering that one of the missing man’s colleagues (Jon Polito) was working off the books on mutating a deadly level-4 virus into a level-5, Jarod learns the truth of what happened to the missing husband and father.

Although we saw him in archival footage on Jarod’s disks in a previous episode, “A Virus Among Us” offers viewers their first real introduction to Mr. Raines (Richard Marcus) who has grown tired of waiting for Miss Parker (Andrea Parker) to catch The Centre‘s missing Pretender. The episode also introduces the idea that while Parker’s father is the man in charge there are multiple forces at work behind-the-scenes as to who really wields the power. Realizing Sydney (Patrick Bauchau) may be her best bet to eventually lead her to Jarod we also witness Miss Parker use a few underhanded tactics of her own playing on Sydney’s guilt for years of Jarod’s research used in deplorable ways.

Jarod’s interest of the week, beginning from a role as a high school science teacher where Parker and her team just miss him, revolves around cockroaches. Aside from just being the latest discovery of the Pretender, the idea of a roach trap is put to good use by in snaring Miss Parker and her team long enough for Jarod and Sydney to talk face-to-face about the things Sydney can find no forgiveness for from either the unique individual whose life he stole or himself.

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