The Pretender – Once in a Blue Moon

by Alan Rapp on March 23, 2021

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  • Title: The Pretender – Once in a Blue Moon
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“Sometimes, even the Devil deserves a little privacy.”

The Pretender - Once in a Blue Moon television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to another episode featuring a man who can be anyone he wants to be. A ghost from the past comes back to haunt Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) when a child is kidnapped in a manner that matches that of a serial killer he helped catch as a boy. Although the original Blue Moon Killer (Michael Des Barres) is still incarcerated, someone new is following his patterns which means the kidnapped girl only has a couple of days to live. Under the role of Special Agent Jarod Ressler of the Justice Department, Jarod talks with the original killer (whose mind he couldn’t get into years ago soon enough to save his last victim). The set-up is obvious nod to The Silence of the Lambs as he attempts to get into the man’s head who proves able to push Jarod’s buttons as well.

The angle of the story allows for more black-and-white flashbacks than the average episode. Given Jarod’s focus, there are no new discoveries about life, culture, or food this time either. It also marks one of the few episodes in which Sydney (Patrick Bauchau) and Mr. Raines (Richard Marcus) work together to stymy Miss Parker‘s (Andrea Parker) search for Jarod as both have incentive to want Jarod free to complete the case he failed to solve as a child (the reason for this is held until the end and only revealed in the epilogue).

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