The Pretender – Someone to Trust

by Alan Rapp on April 27, 2021

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  • Title: The Pretender – Someone to Trust
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“Trust can kill you or set you free.”

The Pretender - Someone to Trust TV review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to another episode featuring a man who can be anyone he wants to be. Jarod‘s (Michael T. Weiss) latest job posing as an arsonist to take down a crooked developer takes unexpected turns when Jarod falls for the man’s wife (Julia Campbell) and her husband dies in a fiery explosion that has the local sheriff (Eric Pierpoint) look at both of them as suspects. There’s some nice chemistry between the pair, and in another timeline (where she didn’t plan to frame him and kill him) it would have been interesting go see what could have been. Jarod’s feelings for the widow cloud his judgement enough that he almost becomes the patsy she planned for, using both Jarod and the sheriff to get rid of her husband and claim the $10 million estate for herself.

In the end, Jarod is able to deduce the truth and stage a successful attempt by the widow just long enough to get the sheriff’s confession as her accomplice and turn an unexpected adventure into another successful case. The episode’s B-story offers Miss Parker (Andrea Parker) a scavenger hunt of sorts as Jarod leaves breadcrumbs leading her, with the help of Sydney (Patrick Bauchau) and Broots (Jon Gries), to discover just what kind of person Mr. Lyle (James Denton) is by uncovering his marriage to, and brutal murder of, a mail-order bride. While Parker is still far from willing to trust Jarod, her father’s defense of Lyle does what Jarod hoped to do and create some uncertainty in her view of her family and The Centre.

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