Time Out for Vengeance!

by Alan Rapp on September 24, 2011

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  • Title: Batman: The Brave and the Bold – Time Out for Vengeance!
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When Batmen of various eras start disappearing from history its up to Batman‘s (Diedrich Bader) friends to travel in time and save them before the world forgets the Dark Knight Detective. This episode is so jam-packed full of action it’s hard to know where to begin. We get Guy Gardner (James Arnold Taylor) and Ice (Jennifer Hale), Blue Beetle (Will Friedle) and Booster Gold (Tom Everett Scott), Caveman Batman (with a giant Cromagnon coin in his Bat-Tree), Fire (Grey DeLisle), Timemaster Rip Hunter (Bloom) and his time sphere, Robot Batman, giant statues coming to life, Pirate Batman, a T-Rex, the JLI, pompous (yet always highly entertaining) Aquaman (John Di Maggio), sea monsters, Roman Centurion Batman, and the all too brief return of Catman (complete with the giant robotic cat he used in his very first comic book appearance)!

Di Maggio’s Aquaman is always a hoot but this time Bader steals the show. He’s obviously having terrific fun doing the voices of the various Batmen; Pirate Batman is particularly hilarious. Writer J.M. DeMatteis effortlessly writes The Return of Bruce Wayne storyline into the Batman: The Brave and the Bold story structure (and gives it the Silver Age spin the show is known for) as well as give the JLI a bit more of the Giffen feel this time around. This is one of the best episodes of the series.

The episode gives us separate adventures with the heroes divided into pairs and sent to save the Batmen of various timelines as well as one big final fight in the far future where the whole team (and the other Batmen) taking on Equinox (Oded Fehr) and his army of time traveling robots.

The only real letdown in the entire episode is the pre-credit sequence featuring Batman and the Creeper (Brian Bloom). It’s not a bad opening by any means, but it doesn’t measure up to the show’s more humorous opening sequences from the “Secret Files of Batman’s Greatest Cases.” Given the rest of the episode is overflowing with more than its fair share of awesome, I’ll cut the episode a break on this point.

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