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by Alan Rapp on February 21, 2006

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We’re here to let you know what’s out there for your entertainment dollar.  Every week a new batch of DVD’s gets shipped out and thrown onto the shelves.  And Whoa boy folks this is a hell of a great week for releases!  We’ve got a movie from my top ten list – RENT and one from December’s list – North Country and Keira Knightly as bounty hunter Domino Harvey in Domino.  Also out today are Ultimate Avengers: The Movie, The Weather Man and more.  Take a peek inside for the full list.


Here’s what is getting released today on DVD:


RENT (2 Disc Special Edition) – Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes; how do you measure a year?  The broadway rock opera slice of life look at seven bohemians in New York’s East Village over the course of a year measures it in great music and outstanding performances.  Most of the cast was drawn from the original broadway show.  A powerful and poignant generational tale similiar to Hair.  So good I had to put it on my top ten list for 2005.  The two disc collection includes over three hours of extras and features including commentary by the director and cast.  You can read the original review here.

North Country – Charlize Theron stars in this inspired by real life story about the first sexual harassment case in United States history.  Theron (in an Academy Award nominated peformance) plays a single mother who takes a job in a mine and sues after constact harassment and attacks from male co-workers.  One of December’s top ten films of 2005.  You can check out her original review here.

Domino – Keira Knightly stars as bounty hunter Domino Harvey and hooks up with Mickey Rourke and Edgar Ramirez.  The first of Knightly’s two great performances this year.  Based off real life bounty hunter and friend of director Tony Scott.  Got mixed reactin from critics and the public but I had a blast; great fun for the acquired taste.  Read the original review.

The Weather Man – Tale of Chicago weather man (Nicholas Cage) who is a complete success on camera and a disaster off the air.  Gore Verbinski brings this funny (funny humorous and funny strange) tale to life.  Also starring Michael Caine, Hope Davis, and Gil Bellows.  Read the original review.

All The President’s Men (2 Disc Special Edition) – Retelling of Watergate scandal with Robert Redford as Bob Woodward and Dustin Hoffman as Carl Bernstein.  The 1976 film gets the special edition treatment that includes commentary from Redford and an entire extra disc of features on the film and the story that inspired it.

Midnight Cowboy (Two Disc Collector’s Edition) – Joe Buck plays a cowboy who moves to New York City who is hustled by Dustin Hoffman in the film that won the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay in 1969.  The special edition includes commentary by Jerome Hellman and documentaries and featurettes.


Ultimate Avengers: The Movie – Marvel’s greatest heroes in an animated feature film re-telling how the Avengers discovered Captain America and fight for truth, justice, and all that good stuff.

Stuart Little 3 – Call of the Wild – Another sequel from the Stuart Little franchise including voices of Wayne Brady, Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie Virginia Madsen, Peter MacNicol, Jonathan Lipnicki, and Michael J. Fox as Stuart.


3rd Rock from the Sun – Further adventures of the Solomon family (a group of aliens hiding on Earth pretending to be humans to learn about us).  The set includes a 16 page collection booklet and interviews with the cast.

NYPD Blue The Complete Third Season – All 22 episodes of the third season of the New York cops.  The set includes commentary for two episodes and a collection of featurettes.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Volume 1 – First volume of the 1960’s series about the SSRN Seaview, a submarine that investigates myseries at the bottom of the ocean.  Classic Sci-fi.

Also out today: Go Diego Go! The Great Dinosaur Rescue, Action – The Complete Series, and Iron Maiden – Death on the Road.

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