July 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

by Alan Rapp on July 29, 2011

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  • Title: Cowboys and Aliens
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cowboys-and-aliens-posterIt begins with a cowboy waking up in the desert with no memory of who he is and ends with cowboys and Indians fighting aliens for gold. Yeah, you heard me, gold.

Although I enjoyed it, with a title like Cowboys and Aliens I expected the film to be a little zanier, goofier, and far more of a fun summer popcorn flick. What director Jon Favreau delivers is entertaining, at times, but it also feels unimaginative and uninspired.

After waking up in the desert without any memories, Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) makes his way to the nearest town. Almost immediately he gets into a tussle with the son (Paul Dano) of the town’s wealthiest man (Harrison Ford), is thrown in jail for a train robbery, and shoots down a giant alien spacecraft with a strange metal bracelet attached to his arm. You know, just your everyday activities in the Old West.

When several of the townsfolk are taken Jake is roped into helping rescue them as well as a woman (Abigail Spencer) from his past he thinks may have been taken as well.

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Detective Comics #880

by Alan Rapp on July 28, 2011

in Comics

detective-comics-880-coverSplitting the story between the perspectives of both Batman and Commissioner Gordon, the latest episode gives us a Joker story that’s not really a Joker story at all.

One issue away from the title’s wrap-up before the massive DC reboot writer Scott Snyder continues the story he’s been weaving for months and brings events full circle.

Someone has targeted the Gordon family using an old version of Joker venom. Batman is hot on the heels of the Clown Prince of Crime but discovers, perhaps too late, that the Joker isn’t responsible for the attack on Barbara’s mother or the imminent attack on Barbara herself.

I have mixed feelings with the art in the issue which is especially inconsistent with regards to both Batman and the Joker, but the story itself, including the reveal, works quite well. It looks like Detective Comics is one title DC plans to let go out with a bang.

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  • Title: Covert Affairs – Welcome to the Occupation
  • tv.com: link


When seven oil executives are taken hostage in Mexico City, one of whom is a deep undercover CIA operative (Sonya Salomaa) on a time-sensitive mission, Annie (Piper Perabo) is sent down to assess the situation and provide intel for an extraction. Just to makes things a little more interesting, her team includes Joan (Kari Matchett) and Ben Mercer (Eion Bailey).

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  • Title: Franklin & Bash – Bachelor Party
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James Van Der Beek guest-stars on a very special episode of Franklin & Bash as Peter’s (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) ex-girfriend’s (Claire Coffee) current fiance. Why does he need a lawyer you ask? Seems he’s been charged with soliciting a prostitute at his bachelor party. Oh that Dawson Leery, will he never learn? Good thing he’s got Zack Morris to stand up for him in court!

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White Collar – As You Were

by Alan Rapp on July 28, 2011

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  • Title: White Collar – As You Were
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White Collar - As You Were

A new case hits Jones (Sharif Atkins) close to home when a former friend (Jayson Williams) goes missing after sending him confidential information about the private security force he works for. Things don’t get easier when Jones has to ask his friend’s wife (Rochelle Aytes), a woman to whom he was once engaged, for help.

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