Morning Glories #16

by Alan Rapp on February 29, 2012

in Comics

This month’s issue picks up the thread’s of issue #13 (from way back in October) as we finally learn a little more about what happened to Casey and Miss Hodge. The final panels of the earlier issue are true, the pair have traveled back into the past, but far further than Miss Hodge had planned.

Casey comes face-to-face with a father who doesn’t recognize her (his daughter is only three years-old and safe at home in bed), and has to deal with torture, shock, and an understanding that her life has been turned completely upside-down (even more so than her time at Morning Glories Academy).

The issue works pretty well. I’d like a little more explanation in how Miss Hodge enforces her will on others, and how Casey has the same ability. Is it a natural talent, until now untapped? Or is this something Hodge granted her? In either case a little clarity (which I’ll admit is asking quite a bit from this comic) would have been nice.

The combination of Casey’s current storyline with the flashbacks of her getting ready to leave the nest to attend Morning Glories work well, especially when her father remembers running into his daughter in the woods more than a decade earlier. That, plus Miss Hodge’s return (which is identical to that which we were also given months ago), are nice touches in making it feel as if the comic is giving us more answers than it really is. Worth a look.

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MG Fan March 1, 2012 at 9:06 am

Morning Glories is my favorite comic right now.


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