Red Sonja #4

by Alan Rapp on October 17, 2013

in Comics

Red Sonja #4Hallucinating, blind, and near death, Red Sonja is found by her two young attendants Ayla and Nias in the woods in the shallow grave of her own making. Feeding both her spirit and body, the twin sisters give the She-Devil hope that a cure has been discovered.

Meanwhile, the self-anointed Red Annisia has quarantined the starving plague-infested city allowing no food in and no one to leave (despite the fact that the disease has yet to kill a single person). Red Sonja #4 also offers more flashbacks of Annisia and Sonja’s time as slaves and the first time Annisia saw the She-Devil with a Sword in action.

On their way back to the fallen city with their drunken singing master the young women encounter Mermen servants of Annisia who have been sent out after any who escaped the quarantine. Thankfully for twins, despite her sickness and lack of vision, Red Sonja proves to still be a formidable opponent. Surviving the fight, Sonja is ready to return leading to next month’s battle between former allies turned deadly enemies. Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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