Arrow – Identity

by Alan Rapp on October 17, 2013

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Arrow - Identity

Roy‘s (Colton Haynes) latest failed attempt at vigilantism earns him new bruises and a trip to the police station, but it also awakens Oliver (Stephen Amell) to a troubling bit of news when Thea‘s (Willa Holland) ex-boyfriend warns him that someone has been hijacking FEMA supplies on their way to the only hospital still standing in the Glades. While visiting the hospital, Ollie gets on the bad side of a local politician (Kevin Alejandro) using the trouble in the Glades to boost his profile and rile up the local masses and media against the promises of a spoiled rich boy who doesn’t have the best interests of Starling City at heart.

Ollie doesn’t get any easier treatment from the women in his life. Despite her intense hatred at her new job title, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) begins work as Oliver’s new executive assistant at Queen Consolidated. Green Arrow also has to deal with the vitriol of Laurel (Katie Cassidy) who blames the archer for not saving Tommy’s life and has made it her mission to bring the vigilante to justice. Green Arrow’s mission to stop the thefts become more complicated once he learns China White (Kelly Hu) and her new friend Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) are the ones behind the robberies.

Although I would have preferred Bronze Tiger’s attire to more closely mirror comic character, White was a good choice for the role and the combination of Tiger and White provided one of the most serious threats the vigilante has faced. “Identity” also introduces the first of (hopefully many) trick arrows to the archer’s quiver.

The flashbacks pick up directly from the end of last week’s season premiere as Shado (Celina Jade) tries to comfort Oliver after he brutally kills on of the mercenaries on the island to save her life. Despite the warnings from Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett), Ollie and Shado’s relationship becomes intimate and potentially far more complicated as do all their lives with the discovery of what the mercenaries where searching for which raises more questions than answers.

The episode ends with a pair of scenes beginning Green Arrow’s first steps to a partnership with Roy Harper and ending one with Laurel as the new prosecutor lays a trap for the vigilante and “Identity” ends on a cliffhanger with Green Arrow surrounded by police with no escape in sight. Next week we’ll find out just how he gets out of his latest jam as well as the promise another appearance of the Black Canary (Caity Lotz) and her first meeting on-screen meeting with Green Arrow.

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