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by Alan Rapp on February 6, 2008

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Hmm, we’re about to talk about comics so it must be Wednesday!  Welcome to the RazorFine Comic Rack boys and girls.  Pull up a bean bag and take a seat at feet of the master as we look at the new comics set to hit comic shops and bookstores today from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, WildStorm, Vertigo, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Devil’s Due Publishing, and Image Comics.

This week includes Amazing Spider-Man, Army of Darkness: Long Road Home, The Boys, BtVS Season 8, The Circle, Detective Comics, Justice Society of America, Silver Surfer: In Thy Name, The Vinyl Underground, Witchblade, and the first issues of Abe Sapien: The Drowning, Clandestine and Halloween: Night Dance.  Also don’t forget the truckload of new graphic novels including Batman: False Faces, Essential Avengers Vol. 6, Forgotten Realms: Hafling’s Gem, Incognegro, Indian Jones Omnibus Vol. 1, Outsiders: Five of a Kind, Superman 3-2-1 Action,  and much, much more.

Enjoy issue #58

Batman Confidential #12 – The Joker gets the last laugh in the final chapter of “Lovers and Madmen.” [$2.99]

Detective Comics #841Zatanna, Scarface and a new Ventriloquist; ‘nuff said. [$2.99]

Justice Society of America #12 – “Thy Kingdom Come” continues, Jakeem Thunder returns, plus Mr. America, Judomaster, and Amazing Man. [$2.99]

Metal Men #6 (of 8) – “The terrors of Oolong Island are revisited as The Metal Men go toe to toe with Chemo and the other monstrous Board of Trustees at Magna-Tech Inc.” [$2.99]

Teen Titans: Year One #2 (of 6) – Aqualad is featured in this latest issue re-telling the origins of the Teen Titans. [$2.99]

Amazing Spider-Man #549 – “Meet the villain from the fifth Spider-Man movie today!” [$2.99]

Clandestine #1Alan Davis begins a new chapter of the Clan Destine.  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Silver Surfer: In Thy Name #4 (of 4) – The series concludes.  Can the Surfer prevent a galactic war?  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

The Twelve #2 (of 12) – “The Twelve time-lost Mystery Men of World War II adjust to the reality of life in the 21st century.” Check out the free preview.[$2.99]

Uncanny X-Men #495 – “Reeling from the events of Messiah Complex, the surviving mutants reassess Xavier’s dream amidst the rubble of the mansion.”  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Abe Sapien: The Drowning #1 (of 5) – Abe Sapien is sent to retrieve the remains of a warlock off the island of Saint Sebastian in the first issue of this new mini-series from Mick Mignola and Jason Shawn Alexander.  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #11 – Another standalone issue by Buffy creator Joss Whedon finds our heroine finally face to face with Twilight.  Also available in a variant cover.  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

Midnighter #16 – A new contract killer arrives in town, and he’s looking for the Midnighter. [$2.99]

WildStorm: Revelations #3 (of 6) – The search for Armageddon continues.  Download a free sneak peek. [$2.99]

The Vinyl Underground #5 – “Armed with a recent photograph of his long-vanished mother, Morrison goes head to head with a ghost from his past.” [$2.99]

The Circle #3 – The Circle is running out of time to stop Agent Y as “The Goliath Trap” continues.  Check out the free preview. [$2.99]

The Overman #3 (of 5) – “His fellow Omakon agents hunt hired killer Nathan Fisher, while he unravels a reality-exploding secret that could destroy the human race.”  Check out the free preview. [$3.50]

Scud, The Disposable Assassin #21 – “After ten years, Scud the Disposable Assassin RETURNS!  The series ended on a cliffhanger with our robot hit man agreeing to destroy the world.  Creator Rob Schrab vows to conclude this indie gem in a four-part miniseries.  Everyone comes back, but does everyone survive?” [$3.50]

True Story Swear to God #10 – “Tom is rocked to the core by the fall of the Twin Towers and how fleeting life can be. An emotional series becomes even more powerful.” [$3.50]

Witchblade #115 – Sara and Dani face new challenges. [$2.99]

Army of Darkness: Long Road Home #6 (of 8) – Ash has decided to accept his role, but second thoughts may be in order when he runs into the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. [$3.50]

New Battlestar Galactica: Origins #2 – Two years before the series, Baltar becomes the new head of the Colonial Defense Network, but Six has her own plans for the man.  Also available in a variant cover and a foil edition. [$3.50]

The Boys #15 – “Good For The Soul” begins with Hughie’s visit to The Legend and Starlight’s doubts about membership of The Seven. [$2.99]

Halloween: Night Dance #1 (of 4) – Michael Meyers invades the sleepy town of Russelville, Illinois in this new mini-series based on the film by John Carpenter.  Also available in two variant covers (1, 2). [$3.50]

Spooks #1 (of 4) – “This is the untold story of SPOOKS, the secret branch of the government that protects humanity from things that go bump in the night.  But when the king of all vampires forms an alliance with the deadliest of witches to launch an invasion of classic monsters on Washington, D.C., the Spooks find themselves in an all-out battle for the fate of the planet!”  Also available in a variant cover. [$3.50]

Batman: False Faces – A new collection of Bat stories includes the shooting of Matches Malone, the Mad Hatter, Wonder Woman, and Clayface. [$19.99]

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman Vol. 1 – Never before collected adventures from the early days of Wonder Woman are collected in this new trade paperback. [$19.99]

Essential Avengers Vol. 6 – The latest b&w Essential Marvel volume features Kang the Conqueror, Dormammu, Thanos (read more about him here), Ultron, the Zodiac, the Titanium Man, Klaw, and Captain Mar-Vell. [$16.99]

Forgotten Realms: Halfling’s Gem – The first three issues of the latest comic adaptation of a R.A. Salvatore best selling novel are collected in this trade paperback. [$18.99]

Hawkgirl: Hath-Set – “Hawkman and Hawkgirl search for Hath-Set, the Egyptian priest who, like them, has been reincarnated throughout time, always finding new ways to torment them.” [$17.99]

Incognegro – “Zane Pinchback, a reporter for the New York-based New Holland Herald barely escapes with his life after his latest incognegro story goes bad. But when he returns to the sanctuary of Harlem, he’s sent to investigate the arrest of his own brother, charged with the brutal murder of a white woman in Mississippi.” [$19.99]

Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 1 – “Indiana Jones is back in this massive volume recounting three of the most important discoveries” from the “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis,” “Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold,” and “Thunder in the Orient.”  Check out the free preview.

Lobo: Portrait of a BastichKeith Giffen‘s mini-series on the intergalactic bounty hunter is collected in this new trade paperback.

New Avengers Poster Book – “Thirty-six posters featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!” [$5.99]

Outsiders: Five of a Kind – The recent mini-series featuring Batman creating a new team is collected here. [$14.99]

Scalped Vol. 2: Casino Boogie – Issues #6-11 of the series featuring the origin of Dash Bad Horse are collected here. [$14.99]

Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Volume 12: Legacy – The Star Wars 30th Anniversary hardcover collection continues with this newest volume set more than 100 years after Return of the Jedi involving the New Jedi Order, and the last Skywalker.  Check out the free preview. [$24.95]

Superman: 3-2-1 Action – Jimmy Olsen is the focus of this new trade paperback collecting Superman issue #665, Action Comics issues #852-854 and Legends of the DC Universe issue #14. [$14.99]

Superman Chronicles Vol. 4 – Superman’s adventures from the 1940’s are collected in this newest volume. [$14.99]

Superman: The Man of Steel Vol. 6 – The newest volume collects adventures of the last son of Krypton from the eighties. [$19.99]

Thor Visionaries: Walter Simonson Vol. 5 – The newest trade paperback volume collects issues #375-382 including appearances by Loki, Hela, the Absorbing Man, the Misgard Serpent, the Warriors Three, X-Factor, and the Avengers. [$24.99]

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 19: Death of a Goblin – Collected from issues #112-117 this trade paperback features Peter’s conversation with Aunt May and the return, and death, of Norman Osborne. [$14.99]

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