Uncanny X-Men #11

by Alan Rapp on September 3, 2013

in Comics

Uncanny X-Men #11The good feelings caused by Cyclops and his X-Men showing up a a pro-mutant rally soon fade with the appearance of a next generation Sentinel sent to kill each of the “terrorist” mutants. After showing us glimpses of the team’s training since returning from Limbo, Uncanny X-Men #11 gives us a good look at how far the team has come. Hell, even Gold Balls proves to be effective.

The late arrival of Magneto (busy maybe selling out Cyclops, or maybe not) helps save the day. We are also given a glimpse into more of Mystique‘s behind-the-scenes maneuverings including causing chaos in Madripoor for purposes unknown.

Although I enjoyed this issue, I’m not exactly pleased with the launching of a new X-Men event requiring me to read other X-titles (none of which I’m currently reading) to keep up with “Battle of the Atom” or try to parse the large sections of the story which I’m missing by not reading those issues. The other choice is to set aside this comic and pick it up in a few months after the crossover finishes. None of these options are ideal, but I won’t hold it against this issue which is definitely worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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