Who Ya Gonna Call?

by Alan Rapp on October 22, 2008

in Comics

  • Title: Ghostbusters: The Other Side #1
  • Comic Vine: link

“We’re here to see a man about a ghost!”

The issue begins with the Ghostbusters breaking up a meeting by a gathering of gangsters, make that ghosts of gangsters.  The team goes straight into Ghosbustin’ mode, but is stymied when one of the ghosts takes possession of Peter Vinkman‘s body, forcing out his soul to the netherrealms of Purgatory.

The situation only gets worse as the possessed Vinkman lays a trap for his teammates which leads the Ghostbusters to their, gulp, deaths!

As an introductory issue the comic is nothing more than okay.  The art by Tom Nguyen is kinda iffy.  I’m not impressed with the renderings of the Ghostbusters themselves, but the look of the ghosts is passable.

The storyline, written by Keith Champagne, its an intriguing idea (for a single issue) of having the Ghostbusters take on ghost gangsters but I don’t think the idea merits multiple issues.  More intersting is the death of the team which leaves them as ghosts.  Now, I don’t see IDW killing off the characters in the first issue so we’ll have to wait and see how the ghostly Ghostbusters can find themselves back in action.

This first issue is a little overpriced at $3.99 and doesn’t deliver much more than killing off all the major characters, and somehow it scores only as a minor blip on the nostalgia scale.  There’s a chance this storyline could lead somewhere, but there’s not enough here to make me want to stick around and find out.

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