Air Guitar Nation

by Alan Rapp on April 10, 2008

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  • Title: Air Guitar Nation
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“To err is human.  To air guitar is divine.”

Air Guitar Nation DVD review

The documentary Air Guitar Nation takes a look at the first ever American Air Guitar Championships as men like Dan Crane (AKA Bjorn Turoque) and David S. Jung (AKA C-Diddy) compete to earn a chance to travel to the International Air Guitar Championships in Finland to compete against air guitarists from all over the globe.

The documentary accepts and celebrates the absurdity of the situation and takes us all on a wonderful ride filled with people who view air guitar as a serious art form.

We watch the early competitions in New York and Los Angeles, then travel overseas and view the two week training course in Finland where the artists are instructed on the finer points of performing (including handling groupies!).  Silly?  You bet!

By the time the final competition arrives we are fully immersed in this world with our own favorites and are ready to root for them (or even take the stage ourselves and show them how its done).  Bjorn and C-Diddy push each other and the other performers from around the world to put on their best and leave it all out on stage.  Although only one is crowned champion all the performers earn the chance to live out a dream, and so each is a winner.  In a world where competition can divide and destroy it’s refreshing to see it bring together a diverse group from around the world in a peaceful competition and a shared dream.

Here’s a fun little film that will leave you shaking your head with a big smile on your face.  Where else are you going to see a man strap on a Hello Kitty breastplate and perform air guitar in front of thousands of screaming fans?  Yeah it’s absurd and nuts, but damn is it fun!  Go grab a copy of this DVD, throw on the t-shirt, and work on your own mad air guitar skills, and maybe you could compete next year.


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