Esquire names Megan Fox “The Last American Bombshell”

by Alan Rapp on January 21, 2013

in Books & Magazines

Megan FoxIn an odd interview/essay on the troubles of beautiful actresses for the magazine’s February issue actress Megan Fox talked with Esquire’s Stephen Marche about Aztec sacrifice, the cost of fame, her love of Star Wars, the Book of Revelations, her relationship with Brian Austin Greene, her belief that people are inherently bad, keeping her own pregnancy a secret, her role as a sex symbol, her choice to get several of her tattoos removed beginning with her tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, wishing to walk in the steps of Ava Gardner, her religion, being in control of her body, her belief in leprechauns, and her fantasy about being an archaeologist who would discover the proof of ancient alien civilizations on Earth. You can find more pics from the photoshoot inside.

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