Batman Beyond – A Touch of Curaré

by Alan Rapp on October 6, 2020

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  • Title: Batman Beyond – A Touch of Curaré
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Batman Beyond - A Touch of Curaré

Today’s Throwback Tuesday takes us back to the dystopian future of Gotham City. Gotham City District Attorney Sam Young (Paul Winfield) becomes the target of Curaré (Melissa Disney), the most lethal member of the Society of Assassins who has never failed to eliminate a target. Helping Sam’s chances at survival is the fact the his wife is Commissioner Barbara Gordon (Stockard Channing) who go to great lenghths to keep him alive and will reveal her relationship with the Bat-Family to Terry (Will Friedle) while warning Batman to stay away from police business.

Although she never speaks, Curaré makes a memorable new villain for the series who would return once more in “Final Cut” at war with the Society which doesn’t tolerate failure. However, the episode is most memorable for Terry discovering Barbara’s past as Batgirl and her, um, relationship with Bruce (Kevin Conroy). The shot of Babs in the Batcave with her old costume is one of the most iconic of the series (and almost makes up for the questionable Bruce on Babs romance that is suggested here).

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