Charlie’s Angels – The Blue Angels

by Alan Rapp on October 6, 2020

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  • Title: Charlie’s Angels – The Blue Angels
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Charlie's Angels - The Blue Angels television review

Throwback Thursday takes us back to the tale of three beautiful former police officers turned private detectives working for a faceless boss known as Charlie. In the final episode of the show’s First Season, two Angels go undercover with the police and the third as a masseuse following a double-homicide in a massage parlor that points to police corruption. Jill (Farrah Fawcett) and Bosley (David Doyle) open a new massage parlor while Sabrina (Kate Jackson) goes into the local police department as an undercover specialist from Phoenix and Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) returns to the Police Academy.

The Angels’ sting works well, except for the unexpected appearance of Sabrina’s ex-husband (Michael Bell) who blows the covers of all three Angels and nearly gets them all killed in a junk yard. Dirk Benedict guest-stars as one of the lower-rung members of the crew while Ed Lauter plays the Police Lieutenant taking payoffs to allow the buisnesses to quietly practice prostitution. Although it wouldn’t be her last appearance on the show, “The Blue Angels” does mark the final appearance of Farrah Fawcett as a series regular as she would be replaced by Cheryl Ladd at the beginning of next season.

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