King & Maxwell – Pandora’s Box

by Alan Rapp on August 14, 2013

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  • Title: King & Maxwell – Locked In
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“Everybody deserves a good night sleep.”

King & Maxwell - Pandora's Box

The Clyde Ritter investigation comes full circle in King & Maxwell‘s season finale as King (Jon Tenney) receives the FBI evidence box in the mail which leads him to watch one friend (Martin Donovan) die in a car bomb and begin to suspect another (Catherine Bell) was involved in the assassination which may repeat itself now she’s the head of security for Ritter’s son (Jeff Hephner) who plans to announce his candidacy in the same hall where his father was gunned down.

Edgar (Ryan Hurst) discovers a brainwashing drug present in both Shaw and Clyde Ritter’s assassin which forces Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn) to abandon her Secret Service reinstatement interview and race to the hall after discovering his partner is after the wrong old friend turned assassin. By both individually breaking into the event, King and Maxwell are able to stop events from repeating themselves even if it costs King not one but two old friends.

“Pandora’s Box” gives King some closure on the Ritter assassination without divulging the reason for the man’s death. Before ending, however, we do get a tease that the storyline is far from over as King gets an anonymous call from the man (Thomas Saunders) behind the conspiracy who implies that Maxwell, along with King, was also a of his past maneuverings.

Although the show’s First Season wasn’t exceptional it did have its moments and put in the work to establish the core relationships as well as strong supporting and recurring characters like Rigby (Michael O’Keefe), who all but admits to sending King the FBI file, and offering the unexpected friendship between Edgar and Benny (Dichen Lachman) to make me want to see what the show could become if it does get renewed for a Second Season. And, if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll even get another appearance by Christian Kane.

Barbara Lambert August 14, 2013 at 10:17 am

I loved this show. never missed an episode and hope to see it a 2nd season! Loved the Sean/Michelle chemistry, + Bennie and Edgar are so cute working together!!

Joel Calderone August 16, 2013 at 2:28 pm

TNT has laid a good foundation for a great show. They just need to give it a platform to grow on.

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