Remington Steele – Signed, Steeled, and Delivered

by Alan Rapp on May 17, 2018

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  • Title: Remington Steele – Signed, Steeled, and Delivered
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Remington Steele - Signed, Steeled, and Delivered television review

Today’s Throwback Tuesday post takes us back to the 80s detective show Remington Steele. When CIA information retrieval specialist Sheldon Quarry (Thom Bray) shows up on Steele‘s (Pierce Brosnan) doorstep after being shot at and followed, the private eyes have a new case. Thanks to the fictional history Laura (Stephanie Zimbalist) created to fill in the life of the fake PI she created, which strongly suggests Steele was part of the CIA back in the day, Sheldon believes he is the perfect man for the job. And time is a factor as these attacks keep taking Sheldon away from his fiance Lucille (Alexandra Johnson) and their impending wedding.

Paranoia is pretty strong in this one as Sheldon, and later Laura, is followed by persons unknown. A bizarre meeting with another CIA agent and another car bombing later, the private dicks have more questions than answers. When Sheldon sneaks out to attend his wedding, not realizing that his fiance’s nurse (Marta Kristen) wants him dead, the job of protecting him becomes that much harder. However, Sheldon’s arrival at his wedding also reveals the motives for the attempts on Sheldon’s life from the father of the bride whose smuggling operation he mistakenly believed the CIA had stumbled onto.

jen May 17, 2018 at 3:07 pm

I love this show!

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