The Crazy Ones – Sydney, Australia

by Alan Rapp on November 9, 2013

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  • Title: The Crazy Ones – Sydney, Australia
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The Crazy Ones - Sydney, Australia

While Simon (Robin Williams) struggles with coming up a campaign to help promote Australian tourism, which brings back painful memories of his last big bender, the rest of the office relishes how a recent published profile on Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) brings out an old co-worker (Josh Groban) whose stalking includes a (rather catchy) love song. The two stories come together when a desperate Simon, completely out of ideas, pitches the song as a jingle to the potential clients who have shot down every other idea.

Although the jingle lands them the account, getting the song proves difficult as Sydney telling off her stalker makes it unlikely he’ll agree to sell them the song. It does, however, give the aspiring artist the inspiration for another song about Sydney’s cruel nature that is even more popular than the first. Eventually Simon gets the jingle by arranging an odd relationship between the artist and his daughter who consoles about her perceived aloof nature with a story that reminds us maybe Simon isn’t always a “Bad Dad.”

“Sydney, Australia” is easily the best episode of the series to date with a funny storyline that keeps the improvisation to specific scenes such as Sydney’s torment at the hands of her co-workers, and pitching the clients from hell, for maximum effect. I like how how Groban’s character looked a lot less like a stalker immediately after getting his heart broken by Sydney and the choice of having Zach (James Wolk) of all people be his biggest fan was a nice touch.

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Casey November 9, 2013 at 5:59 pm

You are right this episode was really good.


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