The Librarians and the Fangs of Death

by Alan Rapp on November 28, 2016

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  • Title: The Librarians – And the Fangs of Death
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The Librarians and the Fangs of Death

I’m going to rename this one “The Librarians and the Werewolves of the Super Collider.” Spurred on by an apocalyptic vision, Flynn (Noah Wyle) journeys with Eve (Rebecca Romijn) to bring Charlene (Jane Curtain) home. Finding, but almost immediately loosing, her, Flynn and the other Librarians go in search of Charlene again which leads them to an underground super collider in Canada full of werewolves (Don’t you hate it when that happens?) transformed by Anubis brought forth by Apep as part of his plan to destroy The Library and release Pure Evil into the world.

There are a couple of odd transitions and plot issues in this episode. First Flynn and Eve’s jump back to the Library after their night of passion (largely ignoring the unexplained murders they didn’t hear while, um, “sleeping”) where he’s already working on Plan B to find Charlene felt a bit… off. Second, I understand why the writers wanted Eve separated from the group, forcing the Librarians to defend themselves against the werewolves, but her subplot with Jenkins (John Larroquette) roaming around the woods and finding the Apep-possessed guard at just the right moment to not-so-subtly sneak into the bunker all felt overly convoluted. Third, it’s unclear why the Librarians can save Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim) from his lyncanthropy but basically decide to murder all the soldiers who have been turned (the only reason we get for this is that he hasn’t completely turned – all make-up and special effects to the contrary).

If the episode does have its faults it introduces an obvious threat and tension as the group struggles to stay alive while trapped miles underground. And it also advances the season arc forward. Sure, I’d prefer the show to go back to single episode investigation of odd events (which we may get starting next week up until the larger storyline kicks back in), but if you are going to do season arcs episodes like this which build up the main villain and tease what is yet to come are necessary. While the search for Charlene seems a bit manufactured (why wouldn’t she just go back to the Library?), it does offer a plausible reason for Flynn to exit stage right for the next several episodes (no doubt to return in time for the big showdown with Apep later in the season). There are also some intriguing reveals about Charlene who we learn is both a former Guardian (Judson’s no less!) and an immortal. I wonder what other secrets we have left to learn?

Mary E. Brewer November 28, 2016 at 10:52 am

I thought that the librarians last night was a howling good time.! I do like it better when Flynn is not around so much as they tend to focus much more on him than the #LITS the reason for the show. Librarians In Training.. They seem to be pushed more to the background especially Stone when Flynn is in the storyline.

Mo November 28, 2016 at 11:13 am

I really enjoyed last night’s show. As Mary said the others do get pushed back when Noah is in the show. All in all I love #TheLibrarians it’s an awesome show with an amazing cast that mesh well together. I wouldn’t/haven’t missed an episode since the beginning.

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