The Librarians – And the Loom of Fate

by Alan Rapp on January 20, 2015

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  • Title: The Librarians – And the Loom of Fate
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The Librarians - And the Loom of Fate

Ending the season with the return of both Flynn Carson (Noah Wyle) and The Library, “And the Loom of Fate” ties together the recovered artifacts from several of the show’s previous nine episodes for a showdown with the villainous Dulaque (Matt Frewer) and a look at various other realities where Flynn never became The Librarian. The show has certainly improved over the second-half of its First Season and the season finale wraps up most of the loose ends allowing for both a strong final episode (should TNT choose not to renew the show) while also opening the door for several new opportunities in a potential Second Season.

Using Flynn’s attempt to open a door to the lost Library, Dulaque seizes on the opportunity to slice into the Loom of Fate and reset the world allowing him to return to the glory of Camelot. Good for him, but not so great for everyone else. At ground zero during Dulaque’s attack, Eve (Rebecca Romijn) finds herself transported to an alternate timeline where Jake (Christian Kane) is The Librarian and Flynn is an academic who has never achieved his full potential.

Offering us a look at several different version of the world created by Dulaque, Eve and Flynn begin jumping through alternate dimensions winding up in histories where a sorceress Cassandra (Lindy Booth) and buttoned-down Ezekiel (John Kim) have both become The Librarian. Uniting the entire group together allows Flynn to save all of time, reclaim his role as The Librarian, defeat Dulaque, and return The Library to this dimension.

With or without Wyle’s continued involvement, and allowing for episodes featuring one, some, or all The Librarians, the season finale gives each character a shining moment while doing a pretty darn good job selling me on potential future episodes. The finale also reveals Jenkins’ (John Larroquette) true identity and returns the plethora of magical artifacts (one of which is used to save Eve’s life) back into the hands of our heroes. Here’s hoping they get to return for another season for more high-spirited adventures.

Jazz January 20, 2015 at 1:57 pm

Thank you the nice review. I really like this show and here is hoping for more seasons

Beth Kredel January 20, 2015 at 5:44 pm

Thank You for the wonderful review! Here’s hoping we get many more seasons of this wonderful show

Louise Shive January 20, 2015 at 6:12 pm

Indeed the loom of Fate episode of The Librarians brought a many strands together and st up for a new season. TNT needs to renew this wonderful series that families watched together.. Return with more John Larroquette and Christian Kane

C Spottswood January 20, 2015 at 7:36 pm

Liked the show but the finale created many questions instead or answers.

1 Why bother to kill the other librarian candidates if in time they could become the librarian and not the bottom three who had reasons not to show up? Isn’t it a certainty that Judson followed Flynn to his interview?

2 Also, as Flynn was 6 months out of finding another course to take in college how did he not go to his interview?

3.What happened to Nicole NoOne, as none of the librarian’s remember who she was?(Flynn’s first Guardian) He has a girl in every movie like Dr Who or James Bond. Why is Eve so special?

4. BTW the stone is in the first movie

5.what was the deal with introducing the apple of discord if it will not be used in the finale like everything else?

6 Why is Lancelot evil and why is Galahad fighting his father?

7. Why stab Lamia?

8. Doesn’t the end of Excalibur mean no second coming?

9. What is up with the desk?

10. Why no Holy Grail?

razorfine January 20, 2015 at 8:27 pm

I don’t know the answers to all of these but here are my thoughts on some of them.

1. The remaining Librarians-in-Training we’re all marked for death as well, they were just saved before they could be killed and had to be tracked down. The idea was to kill anyone who might step in to take Flynn’s place and kill Flynn as well.
2. Timey-Wimey? Actually not sure about the logic of why Flynn’s path was so changed by cutting the Loom of Fate.
3. I would assume she was killed by Wilde, never making it out of the first movie alive.
5. The Library didn’t send them after the apple, it was left as a trap by Dulaque.
6. I think the idea is Lancelot is guilt-ridden for centuries and he become evil, willing to do anything to undo his mistake of helping bring down Camelot including fracturing all reality.
7. Lamia’s blood was needed as a sacrifice to open the doorway to the Loom of Fate (Dulaque even states it had to be the blood of someone who loved him to allow his wish to be completed).

8. Quite possibly.
9. Not sure what you mean? It reset to the Librarian’s needs driving Eve crazy as she keeps loosing and misplacing work over the season.
10. Season Two?

C Spottswood January 20, 2015 at 8:47 pm

1. No they were killed to get them out of the artifact finding; but goes back ten years and they were the front runners next to Flynn so any of them could have been the Librarian 10 years ago. Killing them did not change the order of things.

2 Cassandra still had cancer in Hospital, jacob still on oil derek wit family and Zeke still robbing another library that day.

3 There is no first movie if Flynn never accepts the job, Nicole is there but the new Librarian find her there for protection: “Thrust No One”.

5 The book did not send Eve to meet Santa either but we can assume just like with the house of refuge Cassandra gets anything found changes the destiny of someone as the house cause zombies to attack in Zeke’s timeline but not in Jake’s. Had thought, Eve and apple ejecting Librarians from the Library seemed awful tempting while facing the serpent brother hood lead by Lancelot the symbol of courtly love. Oh and by the way Avalon is a land of Apples and there is a fairy tale about a tree with golden Apples which ends with the Hero having to kill a fox to free a brother to his bride. So many ways the apple could have been used in the finale but wasn’t.

6. Seriously wrong to take away his nobility, chivalry and honor for a do over that requires he not sleep with either Elaine or Guinevere. And none of this prevents Morgana from sleeping with Arthur and creating Mordred, And in reading Arthur, Galahad is dead and in heaven after finding the Grail. This is all wrong.

7. Makes no sense as no further sacrifices are made in episode to get to the loom.

8.Seems like a huge F U to Christianity.

9. What I mean is the part in meeting Santa where Eve learns repeatedly that there is more to a symbol as in there is the person, be it Santa or be it the Library. The concept not finished at all this season is the fact that just like Gertrude anchors Santa and Charlene anchored Judson, Flynn had no archor, no thread to hold his maze in place. Judson needed Charlene’s help to untether the maze that is the library. Flynn needs Eve to anchor him to the library as well. Eve is his Charlene. his thread from the loom of fate that completes him and binds his destiny, whether he believes in it or not.

10. Easiest way to heal Eve’s wound, to restore Flynn’s memories, to return Excalibur to Flynn. As for season two thinking mod squad will go in many different directions but sooner or later they need to deal with the brain grape.

Mary E Brewer January 22, 2015 at 1:49 pm

Thank you for this review! Love #TheLibrarians myself! #LibrariansS2 is the word i am anxiously awaiting now. So nice to have #ChristianKane in a series again.. He is just rocking his role as #Stone.. ha ha ♥

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