White Collar – Under the Radar

by Alan Rapp on March 9, 2011

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  • Title: White Collar – Under the Radar
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Since it’s beginning White Collar has delivered strong cliffhangers at every mid-season and season finale. The final episode of Season Two is no exception. True, it might not be as memorable as Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) confronting Kate (Alexandra Daddario), the plane explosion, or Mozzie (Willie Garson) getting shot, but the ramifications of Burke and Neal Caffery’s (Matthew Bomer) blow-up (along with that final moment in the warehouse) look like they could play out for quite awhile.

“Under the Radar” finally puts Neal in front of the man (Andrew McCarthy) responsible for Kate’s death and reveals what he’s been looking for all this time. It also includes two returning guest-star love interests for Neal in the old friend gone missing (Gloria Votsis) and, perhaps, the next woman in Neal’s life (Hilarie Burton).

Season Two goes out with a bang and adds some tension back to the Neal/Peter relationship going into the summer when the show returns for a third season. I have my suspicions at how the final moments of Season Two actually played out, but I guess we’ll have to wait a few months to find out for sure how the Nazi treasure ended up in Neal’s hands. If the first two seasons are any indication, it should be quite a ride.

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