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by December Lambeth on February 8, 2011

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Here is your opportunity to get your funny bone tickled while kicking it with your main squeeze. Five funny films sure to please and not compete with any egos there may be. Both genders get a hottie to see and plenty of glee.

How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days:
how-to-lose-a-guy-picFun and introspective. Girls are from Venus and Men are from Mars is all over this film. Matthew McConaughey plays a regular Joe trying to land a big time advertising account and has to win a bet to get it. He has to make a girl fall in love with him in 10 days. Kate Hudson is the “How To” gal at her magazine with dreams of writing bigger and better articles, but for now she has to take what she gets. A best friend of hers was dumped and the editor thought “what a story How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days”. The woman, Kate Hudson, would find a man, Matthew M., and make him love her and then drive him crazy with little fits of over emphasized female affections. She would be clingy, call his mother after their first date, decorate his apartment with girly things after their second date, and divide and conquer over boys night and basketball time. Unsuccessful and unaware that his character would stick it out no matter what to win his account they both go at their own agendas and truly falling in love along the way. They get tripped towards the end, but every story needs the hiccup before its all okay and love prevails. Matthew is stunningly handsome and charming and Kate is beautiful and graceful what a match up the audience could feel the karma between them. Fun and easy to watch, perfect for Valentine’s Day…check it out.

Alex & Emma:
alex-and-emma-picAlex and Emma is a sweet romance that takes the audience back in time, back to when films where about structure and characters, not action and fireworks. No, this is not an award winning piece of art, but it is a tender romantic work. Luke Wilson was able to pull off comical moments, way over the job he had done in Old School, and had great chemistry with Kate Hudson.  Kate was beautiful, witty, and kept the audience alive. Funny, sensitive, and close to such films as My Man Godfrey, Alex and Emma will sweep you off your feet. A love story that unfolds in the creation of a novel. Alex is a writer and finds himself in a little Cuban Loan Shark trouble, with no mode of finishing his next book he must call on a stenographer, Emma. Emma is a woman who, yet beautiful stunning in appearance, is plane jane and simple. She likes truth and honesty and wants to know how something ends before she decides if she will appreciate it. Alex seemed low rent to her, at first, he started out their relationship with a lie and his living quarters were not up to par. In the process of writing his novel with Emma’s typing abilities,  Alex finds his Muse, the one thing that gets him over his writer’s block. Building up the films plot as the novel goes on and changing out characters for the au pair as Alex’s feelings towards Emma change brings the audience on a trip with the great author.  Now, I know, everybody wants to know is there a happy ending? Well you will just have to go watch the film to find out. Guys if you want to get on your loved ones good side rent Alex and Emma, it’s a great date movie. Well girls, in all honesty, it’s a great girls night out film also. Today’s When Harry Met Sally and My Man Godfrey, Alex and Emma pulls off a sweet and convincing romance that all want to see end happy and in love.

Something’s Gotta Give:
Something’s Gotta Give, that’s a mouth full, the film had it’s flawed moments and a typical ending, but thanks to Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, the day is saved. It’s a very entertaining film that will attract most women and very little men. Nancy Meyers, writer/director for What Women Want and Father of the Bride, has a formula that works for her and she sticks with it. Happy endings never hurts anyone and innocent fluffy romantic comedy is nice to see, gives you a break from such a serious line up of films. Jack Nicholson is very suave and entertaining in a part that seemed tailored fit, an over the hill playboy only interested in women of the very young persuasion. Diane Keaton, once again another tailored role, plays an uptight divorced play write, who desperately needs to let off a little steam, if you know what I mean. The two characters find themselves in a love hate situation brought together by Amanda Peets character, who was dating the playboy at the time. Heart problems appear and uncontrolled circumstance takes play; a full frontal, a handsome young smitten doctor (Keanu Reeves) and a butt shot and there you have it…Something’s Gotta Give. An ending fitting for love all around, Something’s Gotta Give makes the perfect romantic comedy night. Extras include a “Hampton’s House Set Tour” with the beautiful Amanda Peet and a hilarious “Karaoke” deleted scene. A few filmographies and audio commentary accompanies the dvd, but the main joy of owning this dvd is watching the ever so excellent Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton as a couple in and out of love.

50 First Dates:
50-first-dates-picAwesome! Loved it, all of it! It was great to see Adam be funny again. He had tried so hard with Mr. Deeds and Big Daddy, but failed. Mr. Deeds didn’t work because there wasn’t any chemistry between him and Winona Ryder and Big Daddy was a little too serious, but 50 First Dates hits the target right on the bulls eye. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler make a brilliant on screen couple and it gave just the right mixture of sweetness and humor. For the guys, Adam is back with all his force including an ambiguous sexed sea park worker, Rob Schneider as an Islander, and even a barfing walrus. A dash of Drew with her beauty, kindness, and wonderful sense of humor; add a hint of romance and it’s a perfect fit for the ladies too. Now this is no typical Adam Sandler film, this is Adam being all grown up and mature. He has shown the audience a different side to him, first with his brilliant role in Punch Drunk Love and now with his more sincere and romantic side as Henry Roth in 50 First Dates. Henry (Adam Sandler) is a local marina veterinarian in Hawaii, who spends his time dating the tourist and dumping them as soon as their vacation ends. He finds himself hypnotized by the grace and beauty of a local girl, Lucy (Drew Barrymore); unknowing of her serious problem he tries to woo her. Thinking he has accomplished his task and looks forward to meeting her the next day, not all is as it seems when morning comes and Lucy does not remember him. Lucy has short term memory loss and Henry has to spend every day convincing her to fall in love with him. The best part is they took a character that couldn’t commit to a simple relationship and turned him into someone who has to commit to the complexities of starting the same relationship over and over again. Henry comes up with a solution and helps Lucy start living life again; at first against the wishes of her very protective father (Blake Clark) and steroid addicted brother (Sean Astin). Of course, there is problems in paradise and I would love to let you know if everything works out for the best, but you are going to have to see for yourself. Adam threw in all his eclectic characters, as usual, from his past films and even got in a few new ones, Dan Aykroyd and Sean Astin. We shouldn’t leave Drew out of it, she adds such a since of grace and elegance to everything she produces. Hurray for 50 First Dates, it’s a date movie, it’s a guy movie, it’s a girly movie, and it’s an all around good time. 50 First Dates proves to withstand the test of time, I have now seen the film over 4 times and find it just as sincere and funny each time. The DVD copy has wonderful extras like out-takes, a blooper reel and A Reel Comedy extra form Comedy Central. The Reel Comedy extra wasn’t all that whoopee and kind of dragged on a little, but the other skits and extras on the DVD makes it the perfect buy. Funny to see that Drew Barrymore in all her grace and beauty can out gross Adam Sandler. There are 3 music videos and plenty to keep the whole family entertained from the light hearted and entertaining film itself to seeing the film crew roughing it in Hawaii while shooting.

The Wedding Date:
the-wedding-date-picIn a charming British back drop with a beautiful and charismatic cast, The Wedding Date is the perfect Valentines movie. Charming and witty Debra Messing plays her signature Grace (Will and Grace) character as a single mess heading off to her sister’s wedding in London. Kat (Debra Messing) hires a hunk of a $6,000 escort, Nick (Dermot Mulroney), to accompany her on this wonderful occasion. Wonderful for her sister, but not so much for her. Her mother taunts her with her failed wedding attempt and the best man is non other than her ex-fiance; Kat is prepared for the worse. Meeting Nick at the last minute and arriving in London to confront the family and friends with a stranger on her arm, Kat is a disaster and here comes the humor. Director Clare Kilner did not want the cast to go over board or emphasize the funny moments, she believed that human nature presented in tough situations can bring out enough comedy on it’s own. She was right, The Wedding Date, had enough mix of humor and romance that it kept the females in the audience hooked; Dermot Mulroney helped in that equation a little. Dermot was the perfect choice for a male escort, he took on his role like a natural complete with the 6-pack abs and a devilish smile. A pleasant surprise and a great addition to the cast is British actor Jack Davenport (British version The Coupling), he played the groom to be and was quite a riot. Overall, The Wedding Date is not an Oscar contender, but was sweet and funny and will be perfect for you and your guy or just the girls.

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